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ESI Telephone Systems

partners with ESI, a leading hardware provider, to provide on-premise and cloud-based unified communication solutions for small to medium businesses. ESI develops uniquely integrated and innovative solutions, enabling to offer a portfolio of affordable and differentiated Digital and VOIP communications that enhance the user experience.

  • Systems specifically designed to meet your company's needs.
  • Perfect for any sized company, big or small.
  • Customer training included with your purchase.
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Ricoh Copiers

Copy machines are a growing need in all company's regardless of their size. can provide you with exactly what you need for your business. From standard black and white machines, to high-production color copiers, we are proud to be a market leader in facilitating this need. Not only are we a provider of top-notch equipment, we have the technicians to back-up your machine should any problem arise. Let us show you how we can help your business and increase the productivity of your employees.

  • Many different models to choose from to fit your company's unique needs.
  • Industry trained technicians to provide support for your machine.
  • We keep all your copier's needs, such as toner and parts in stock, making sure your machine always has what it needs.
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Managed Services

is proud to offer a complete network management package. This can include virus protection, active hardware failure identification, user management, technician assistance when needed, and much, much more. We understand that your network will contain important information and we can make sure that information will stay safe and secure.

  • A complete network care package, protecting and keeping your valuable network infrastructure running properly.
  • Trained technicians who continue to go to school to stay up to date with the latest hardware and software.
  • Active monitoring of your network, so you don't have to. Typically we can identify problems before the customer realizes there is one.
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Data Backup and Recovery

is proud to offer data backup and recovery assistance. Traditional backup methods such as tape, disk, and strict NAS devices are no longer sufficient. In fact, leading edge business owners are finding them unacceptable. Technological innovations have set a new solution standard: Intelligent Business Continuity, going beyond data protection; delivering automated assurance, continuous protection, secured storage, and instant recovery.

  • Downtime after a disaster is reduced to hours, minutes, or even seconds.
  • Full automation backup process.
  • Each backup is saved in multiple locations: local appliance and bi-coastal data centers.
  • Quick and efficient transferring of files to off-site data centers, even with low bandwidth or busy network enviroments. Critical data can be prioritized to be transerred off-site first.
  • AES 256 and SSL key-based encryption ensures data is safe and meets industry regulations (ie. HIPAA, SOX).
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