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Since 1983, Entre has been providing the customer support you expect. We continue to be a leader in data hardware, training and technology.

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About Us

All-in-One Solution

We are proud to say that we are the only company in Southeast Texas who can offer you a true all in one technology solution.

Knowledgeable Staff

Through continued education, our trained technicians and support staff stay up-to-date on the continual changes in technology.

Fast Response Times

When your business has a device that is down, every second counts. 99% of the time, your issues are resolved the same day a technican is dispatched.

What does Apple, Amazon, and Entre have in common? A high degree of trust from our customers!

Entre is proud to share the news that more than 83% of our customers would recommend us to a trusted friend or colleague. That’s way above the national average and in good company too with names like Apple and Amazon. Entre is ready to earn your trust as well! Quick response time, knowledgeable support staff and a commitment to customer service are just a few of the ways we intend to keep your business ahead of the competition; the better we serve you the better you can serve your customers.

Our door is always open, let us show you en


Can your current provider say that?


Managed Services

We’re proud to offer a complete network management package, including virus protection, proactive hardware failure identification, user management and much, much more.

Multi-function printers

Entre offers award-winning copiers and accessories, bundled together to meet your needs and budget. Feel confident knowing your copier can be tailored to fit your unique needs.

Data Backup & Recovery

Entre gives you complete backup, recovery and business continuity solutions that are built for companies of every size, regardless of infrastructure.

Digital Phone Systems

Sophisticated yet simple, Entre’s on-premises solutions give you the flexibility of both digital and IP functionality. All of your vital business communication features are built-in.


Phone Repair

Entre understands how vital your phone system is to you and your business. We are proud to provide professional service with quick response times. If your phone system is down, not only can we fix the problem, but we can do it quickly thus minimizing the downtime of your infrastructure.


Copier Repair

Let’s face it, copiers are a widely used and vitally important piece of equipment for any company, but a tool that is in constant use will eventually experience issues. Entre has been servicing copiers for years and we are confident we can fix any problem; we can also identify potential future issues and report those to your company. In most cases, we can have your machine up and running in the same day a technician is dispatched..


Building Wiring

New construction? Existing buildings needing additional lines? Entre can professionally run any cable or wire you will need at your business. No matter how big or small the job, we believe in doing the job right the first time. Quality is our passion, customers are our priority.



Computer Repair

Computers are an extremely important tool for any business, and when they are down or running slow, your company’s workflow is hindered. Entre is proud to say that we can fix any computer issue you may be experiencing. If your computer is slow, has a virus, problematic hardware or any other issue, we have you covered. Entre at its core is a technology company and computer repair is just one of our many specialties.


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