5 Tech trends impacting businesses in 2020

Technology today is changing at a rapid pace. Businesses are left to either adapt or quickly fall behind the competition. As we embark on a new year, there are a few trends that are emerging that may impact the way we do business in the near future. Here’s a glimpse into the hottest technology trends to watch in 2020.  


As technology evolves and businesses invest in social media, email newsletters, and communication tools to connect with their audience, automation is becoming an essential tool. Automation allows companies to create user experiences with little time and effort. This trend will continue in years to come as customers demand more personalization.

The Growth of Data

Data, by all means, is not a new trend but it’s growing increasingly more important for businesses who wish to achieve substantial growth in today’s market. Investing in analytics and software that meets customer needs is a must. This makes it even more important to invest in data security and have a solid back up plan.

Network Security

With the growth of data, the need for network security is greater than ever. Business networks should be encrypted for maximum security. Now is the time to protect your business from ransomware and phishing attacks that will only grow smarter and bigger in the years to come.


Artificial technology is becoming a pivotal tool for businesses to create personalized and custom experiences. Chatbots, predictive marketing, behavior pattern recognition, and customer service automation are predicted to evolve even more in the upcoming years. AI has become a top priority for many global brands. 

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology can be thought of as a growing list of records that are linked using cryptography. It was initially developed to serve as a public transaction ledger for the cryptocurrency bitcoin. This growing trend is being backed by big corporate giants such as FedEx, Walmart, and Mastercard. And even Facebook is rumored to launch its version of blockchain cryptocurrency called Libra. It’s something to keep your eye on as this trend gains momentum among corporate giants.

We hope we’ve been able to give you insight into a few technology trends to watch in 2020. For more specifics on how we can help equip your business with reliable office solutions, contact us. Also, follow us on Facebook for the latest business technology news and updates.

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