Does your business have a disaster relief plan?

Business Disaster Relief (BDR) is a way for businesses to recover critical data in case of a series of unplanned disruptions. Having a BDR plan can protect against events that tend to cause loss of revenue, damage to your brand, and even dissatisfied customers. We’re sharing some helpful tips and advice to consider while you search for your perfect disaster relief plan.

Plan for The Unexpected

We typically think of disasters as natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and power outages, but having a BDR protects your business from much more than that. It helps keep your business operable during cyber attacks as well. Cyber attacks have increased over 200% over the past six months. Attackers plant malware within your infrastructure, which can remain undetectable up to 200 days after the attack. In the meantime, the virus may make its way to backed-up files and wreak havoc throughout your entire data system. Even once detected, it’s extremely difficult to remove malware once it’s reached this level of attack.

Back It Up

Start small and take stock of your current backup infrastructure. Do you have a full-proof plan to recover data in case of an emergency? As mentioned above, not only is it critical to allow enough space for growth in case of a natural disaster but it’s also worth investing in options that protect your data from outsider cyber attacks. A typical breach can cost an average size company millions of dollars so keep that in mind when considering your options.

Local or Worldwide Recovery

Depending on the nature of your business, you may need to choose where you’d like to store and manage your backed-up data. You may need to store it on another coast, or you may be perfectly comfortable storing it locally. In case of a natural disaster such as a flood, hurricane, or power outage, having a recovery point located on another coast or continent may be more desirable. This purely depends on your preference and strategy for recovery.

Write It Out

Once you have a plan in place, you’ll need to make sure all your staff and upper management are trained on who to contact and where to access data in case of an emergency. Having detailed instructions documented describing how to respond to unplanned events can help save time when time is of the essence.

In short, here are the reason’s you want to make BDR plan a priority for your business:

  1. Keep normal business operations running despite a disaster
  2. Limit the extent of disruptions or damage
  3. Minimize economic impact on your business
  4. Quick and easy restoration of service

At Entre, we provide complete backup, recover, and business continuity solutions built for business of any size, regardless of infrastructure. Our products (link to products page on website) feature award-winning technology including purpose-built cloud, Instant Virtualization, Inverse Chain Technology™, Screenshot Backup Verification™, and End-to-End Encryption. For more specifics on how to start your Business Disaster Recovery plan, contact us. Also, follow us on Facebook for the latest business technology news and updates.

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