Everything you need to know about microsoft’s new edge browser

You may not realize it but Microsoft’s Edge browser was first developed back in 2015 in an effort to strip out old Internet Explorer code. Back then, many ditched the browser for its incompatibility with new and developing websites at the time. The new Edge uses Chromium’s, Google’s open-source foundation which fixes its past compatibility problems. It also comes with a new logo that’s a fresh take on the older blue “e” icon that mimics a wave.

Here are a few updates that might make it worth the switch:

Organizational Features

The Collections feature helps you sort through a variety of websites needed for researching purposes and helps you dive deeper into the web in a more organized fashion. Also, your Microsoft login pairs with Edge so that your login stays synonymous.

As far as features go, you’ll notice a lot of parallels with Edge and Chrome. It even includes some support for Chrome extensions. Currently, both history and extension sync are missing but Microsoft is planning to have these features available late summer.


If you’re not a fan of websites tracking your online activity, you may like Edge’s new privacy features. Edge followed Apple’s lead as it relates to its anti-tracking technology. You’ll be able to choose from three different privacy settings. The default setting blocks trackers from new websites that you’ve never visited. There’s also a strict setting that blocks almost all trackers on the web, but it can compromise the way the website is loaded which may not allow it to work properly. It’s not super above and beyond similar browsers but at least it’s up to par to the latest and greatest out there to keep you safe and secure while browsing.


Edge does integrate with Microsoft management tools. It also provides documents you might like on its new tab page and its default come with Bing search but can be easily be changed to Google.

 Features Coming Soon

Microsoft isn’t done yet. Plans to roll out new features are already in the works. Windows 10 customers will be able to start using Edge soon which some will be automatically upgraded. For Windows 10 users, there could be a potential to watch 4K Netflix Video, alter PDF’s with a stylus, and a touch bar features to make browsing easier and more efficient.

Working Out the Kinks

As with any new software, there are sure to be a few kinks to surface right out the gate. One of which is a snag where some interfaces load the wrong language. However, Microsoft’s ability to roll out updates and fixes surpasses that of its competitors. They can roll out small batches so that consumers can take advantage of micros solutions rather than waiting on a large bulk fix.

If you’re wanting to give the Microsoft Edge browser a try, it’s available now for both Windows and macOS in a total of 90 languages HERE

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