How to choose a printer for your business

Choosing a printer for your business may seem like an easy enough task but often, companies tend to underestimate the cost of printing by as much as 40%! With that statistic in mind, it’s best to consider a few factors upfront before investing in print and copy solutions that will help minimize this type of financial impact.

Consider Your Print Volume

Before purchasing a printer, take the time to define your print volume. For example, the average employee prints 34 pages a day and 17% of those pages go unused. This may be surprising to you because of the digital age we live in, but office environments still rely heavily on print.

Breakdown the Costs

You may think a cheaper printer is ideal, but they tend to require more maintenance and upkeep long-term. They also tend to have higher ink/toner costs. So, consider the more mid-range printers for a smarter investment. Do your research to determine what your monthly costs would be compared to the efficiencies of the printer you’re considering. Such costs include ink, toner, repairs, power usage, and anything else that might impact your overall cost before purchasing a specific model.

Consider Your Long-term Needs

Some businesses settle for a print solution according to their needs at the moment of purchase. Failing to plan for growth can cost you more long-term. You’ll want to think about how you plan to expand your business and how you will accommodate those growing needs. Right now, you may not rely heavily on print but what about five years from now? You may need more of a higher capacity print solution depending on how things develop over time. 

Consult with A Professional

Sometimes, researching all the options out there and digging through the details can seem like too much of a daunting task. If you’re short on time and resources, consider speaking with a professional that’s knowledgeable about how to match up the demands of your business with an affordable, efficient, and functional print solution.

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