safeguard your computer

Businesses rely heavily on computers and the infrastructures that surround them. So how do you keep your computer safe from hackers, thieves, and potential fraudulent activity? We’ve got some tips to help keep your computers and business safe from outside threats.


In order to keep hackers out of your computer, you need a clever password filled with letters, numbers, and special characters. Not only do you need a complex password, but you also need to change your password about every 30 days according to most experts. It’s also a good idea to apply these same practices to other company electronics where sensitive information is shared/stored including cell phones.

In addition to passwords, consider other methods of computer access such as key cards. When the computer is engaged and activated by the key card, the computer is open for work but once the key card is removed, it shuts down immediately leaving no opportunity for someone to access it.

Update Your Software

Staying on top of your software updates can prevent viruses, malware, and other online threats for compromising your computer. Some programs can be set to update automatically or before your computer shuts down for the day. This way, it doesn’t seem like a nuisance while you’re in the midst of your workday.

Create A Secure Network

A business network should be encrypted for maximum security. Make sure your Wifi is password protected and you can also set up your Service Set Identifier (SSID) where it doesn’t broadcast the name of your network and keeps it private.

Have A Backup Plan

As much as we like to think all these things will provide no chance of sensitive information being stolen, there’s still a chance that hackers can weasel their way into your digital infrastructure. In case of an attack, such as a virus, it’s essential to have a backup plan where all your critical and most sensitive data is stored. This will allow you to be up and running quicker than if no back up were available. It’s recommended that backups be done daily, if not weekly.

We hope we’ve been able to provide you with some helpful tips and tricks to keep your computer safe and operating at its best. For more specifics on how we can help equip your business with reliable office solutions, contact us. Also, follow us on Facebook for the latest business technology news and updates.

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